Hiking the Mountains of VA

Goshen Pass to Chambers Ridge | Near our Cabin for rent in Lexington VA

5.5 to 6 miles.
Difficulty - Moderate

From Windymile Cabin, Turn left on VA-252 S for 1 mi
Turn right onto VA-39 W for 7.7 mi
turn right onto an unmarked dirt lane, and arrive at the Parking area.

Driving Directions

  • Cross the swinging bridge. Turn Right.
  • Follow the river,south east (downstream) and continue about a mile to Intersect the Chambers Ridge trail.
    • There will be a little wooden sign at the intersection... pointing up the mountain (left).
    • It is easy to miss this sign / intersection
  • Turn (northeast) up the mountain, ... the Chambers Ridge Trail.
    • The climb is steep through a couple of switchbacks, leading to to a high rock face, where there might be a sign warning of hazards.
    • Continue past a waterfall in a hemlock grove on the right
    • Continue on through the forest of chestnut oak, pitch pine and mountain laurel
    • Crest a ridge with nice camping spots, but no water. A great place to stop, and relax with a picnic.
  • Continue on...... upwards a bit and come to a ridge through an old forest with big vines hanging.
  • Pass a black pond on the right - very small (sometimes, goes dry), no good to drink. (you are about two miles into the hike) A view of lake Merriweather will be to the north (on your left) through the trees.
  • At the end of Chambers ridge, the trail turns south east (right) and drops into a saddle
  • Once through the saddle, climb again..... a bit..... until you reach an intersection
    • Signs may be missing, or may have been turned around. BE CAREFUL. dont trust!
    • ONE trail, "Little Peak" goes south east ....... up the mountain.
    • The other trail, "Chambers Hollow" goes north ....... to the left, downward through the hollow.
  • TAKE THE LEFT (go north) to follow "The Chambers Hollow" trail. (*SeeMap* red arrow)
    • After about, 1/2 a mile on this trail, you'll cross a stream or two, and climb a bit to intersect with the "Hunters Access" trail. There may not be a marker here. (*SeeMap* intersect at "Anderson")
  • Turn Southwest (left) and follow generally downward for 1/2 to 3/4 miles.
    • Be on the lookout for a well worn trail heading west (*note the map* orange arrow) to take you back to the swinging bridge.
    • ##IMPORTANT## The trail you are on (walking northwest), will continue on to Lake Merriweather and across the dam. (*note the map* dam) for the intersection to turn west....... left.
  • After the left, there is an easy 1 mile stroll or so back to the swinging bridge.
  • Cheers!

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