The Best Shenandoah Valley of VA Mountain Views

Windymile Cabin

The best views in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA are from our Shenandoah Valley Cabins in Lexington VA.

Spend a couple of days at our Lexington VA Cabin Rental. Relax, unwind, recharge!

A fiery sunset with a view of Big and Little House Mountains just west of Lexington VA.

Looking due North across our conservation farm the early morning fog covers Snow and Jump Mountains.

A cold fall sunset, looks west to Hog Back and House Mountains in the southern Shenandoah Valley of VA

Big and Little House are well known Lexington VA landmarks near our Cabin Rental.

Another Sunset on The Blueridge Mountains of House at Lexington VA.

Turkey Hill sits in the foreground a tad between Big Butte and Little House Mountain.

With Views like these, Winter is just the time to visit our Lexington VA rental Cabins in the Southern Shenandoah Valley of VA.

Early morning fog over the Blue ridge mountains show the Windymile Cabin Cows grazing in the fields.

#8 is on her third calf of this writing, and has been among the favorite cows for our Cabin guests.

Looking west across the upper hayfield, turkey hill protrudes a bit between House and Hogback mountains.

Also referred to as Little North Mountain, Snow Mountain is part of the North Mountain Wildlife Management Area. In this shot, Snow sits behind Jump as storm clouds gather.

Behind the cows, is the great North Mountain range in north western Rockbridge county, and on into Augusta County VA.

Sunrise on Jump. One of the best hikes in the State of VA starts at the swinging bridge in Goshen Pass, and crosses snow mountain.

Another Glorious morning with the purple mountains majesty of Big and Little House in western Rockbridge County VA

On the shortest day of the year, the sun sets in between the House Mountains as though we planned it that way. It is truly amazing!

Turkey Hill, Bunkin, White rock, Hogback (also known as Big Butte), and both House mountains on a post card perfect day at Windymile.

Sitting at the Cabin fireplace, the south western range of the blue ridge mountains closes off the shenandoah valley of VA. This view is literally looking at the end of the valley.

Our Cabin Rental offers amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. Two picnic tables, and an outdoor fireplace, are inviting.

When was the last time that you got to enjoy a real fireplace while sitting outdoors looking at the milky way?

An un-retouched photo of an unbelievable sunset taken 12-10-2014. Windymile sunsets are spectacular!

Enjoying the outdoor fireplace, this view takes in Big Butte, and White rock Mountains.